z_2015 Events

January 21, 2015Cleveland Metroparks Program Update

Speaker – Brian Zimmerman, Cleveland Metroparks (Attendance)

March 19, 2015Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission

Speaker – Dennis Albrecht, PE (Attendance)

April 15, 2015ASHE National President

Speaker – Samir Mody, PE

May 13, 2015GCRTA Little Italy Station

Speaker – Joseph Shaffer and Paul Volpe (Attendance)

September 23, 2015ODOT Kickoff with District Deputy Directors Presentation: ODOT Capital Program & Consultant Program

Speakers – Howard Huebner, District 3; Allen Biehl, District 4; Myron Pakush, District 12 (Attendance)

October 27, 2015 – Central Ohio ASHE Luncheon during OTEC

December 3, 2015Utility Company Panel Discussion

Speakers – First Energy, AT&T, and Windstream (Attendance)

December 16, 2015 – 2015 Joint Holiday Party at The Harp