2017 Events

January 24, 2017ODOT’s Republican National Convention Preparation

Speaker – Carl Merckle, Administrator for Emergency Operations, ODOT (Attendance)

February 14, 2017State Transportation Bill and ASHE Lake Erie Scholarship presentation

Speaker – Myron Pakush, ODOT District 12 Deputy Director (Attendance)

March 28, 20172016 ASHE Lake Erie Project of the Year

Speaker – Michael Malloy, PE and Amy White, PE of KS Associates (Attendance)

April 25, 2017NEORSD Regional Stormwater Management Program

Speaker – Frank Greenland, Director of Watershed Programs (Attendance)

May 24, 2017  – Performance Based Practical Design

Speaker – David Holstein, Administrator, ODOT Office of Roadway Engineering (Attendance)

September 27, 2017 – ODOT Update

Speakers – Bob Weaver, Gery Noirot, and Greg Kronstain, ODOT Districts 3, 4, & 12 CPAs (PDF) (Attendance )

October 10th, 2017 – OTEC and All Ohio ASHE luncheon

October 24th, 2017Modernizing the Ohio Turnpike, Joint Meeting with ACEC

Speaker – Randy Cole, Executive Director, Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission (Attendance )

December 5, 2017ODOT’s Transition to OpenRoads Designer

Speakers – Mark McCloud and John Drsek, ODOT Office of CADD and Mapping Services (Attendance)

December 13, 2017Joint Holiday Party