2021 Dues & Polos

Membership Dues

Select “Renewal” or “New Member” below and add your name in the “Member Name” box before clicking “Add to Cart”. A new Paypal window will pop up, but if you want to add shirts don’t check out yet- come back to this page and add as many polo shirts as you want by filling in the information below and clicking “Add to Cart”. Your Paypal cart will be updated and you can check out after you’ve added your dues and shirts.

2021 ASHE Lake Erie Membership
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Polo shirts with the ASHE Lake Erie logo are being offered for a special rate of $15 each to members renewing for 2021-2022. Select the Style, Color and Size before clicking “Add to Cart”. The Paypal cart will open in another window but you can come back to this window to add more shirts. No need to check out multiple times, wait and check out once you’ve added your dues and all of the shirts. Images of the available colors are below. Shirts will be handed out in person at a future event, they will not be mailed.